Whether in the home, at work or in public spaces, accidents and acts of vandalism can cause a glass pane to shatter into thousands of smaller and potentially harmful pieces of flying glass. SOLAR SCREEN® security films can be applied to any glass surface and provide 24h, maintenance-free protection for years to come. When applied to any ordinary sheet of glass, our transparent and tinted security films bind securely with the glazed surface, instantly transforming it into highly resistant safety glass.


With their extra thickness and specially reinforced adhesive layer, transparent protection films are designed for indoor and outdoor use. They provide effective protection against flying glass and other kinds of damage.


The SOLAR SCREEN® 2-in-1 Combination security films offer a fusion of high performance, discretion and security qualities for all your windows.



Specially designed to afford mirrors and windows a higher degree of security, the SOLAR SCREEN® Special Security films are ideal for use in spaces such as sports halls or dance studios.



Widely appreciated for their qualities when applied to shop windows, bathrooms, sports halls or swimming pools, anti-fog films help prevent windows and mirrors from fogging up in situations where ambient temperatures may vary significantly.



Carjacking involves the intentional shattering of a vehicle’s window from the exterior, either on the passenger’s side in order to steal a bag, or on the driver’s side to take control of the vehicle.


Maintenance of glazed surfaces in public and private spaces that are afflicted with acts of vandalism such as graffiti or tagging can rapidly become a source of considerable expense.

The SOLAR SCREEN® Special Anti-graffiti window film is an ally of choice in the effort to provide cost-effective and efficient protection.