JSC „Aubrėtė“ , established in 1995, is a full-service company, combining top of the line Solar Screen window films  and Coverstyl‘  coverings with expert installation and creative solutions for businesses.
Since 2018,  we are Premium Partner of  Solar Screen company, European leader in -adhesive films for windows and furniture.

JSC „Aubrėtė“  is a company that provides glass and interior decoration solutions for major global market players: shops, hotels, networking restaurants and other retail and service entities. Our customers require exceptionally individual interior and functional solutions, so we are always focusing on the originality of our products, ideas and their perfect execution to the finest details.

We have worked and consulted with the nation’s leading architects, interior designers, general contractors and property managers to create breathtaking spaces, solving energy concerns through our innovative and professional services for all film needs.

Our mission is to provide the best products the industry has to offer, making our clients surroundings more beautiful, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

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